Long Term Rental

Are you looking for a car for a longer period of time? Do you need  car for your employees/workers? Are you running a project which requires an increase of your fleet of cars? Maybe you are running your business in Poland and you wish to have the same car to be waiting for you after you have arrived? Long –term hire in Eco2drive is  a perfect solution replacing a credit or leasing .

What can you get?

  • New cars with  slight mileage
  • Full car  insurance (OC- civil liability insurance /AC- comprehensive cover insurance /NNW- accident insurance)
  • Assistance insurance  within Poland  24 hours a day
  • Free replacement car
  • mileage limit adaptable to the client’s needs
  • Technical support service
  • Possible car replacement while duration of the contract

Additional benefits for your firm:

  • -  higher credit rating In your firm, thanks to not having any loans/credits
  • - rental fee is allowed as a deduction for tax purposes
  • - your firm and workers are  getting relieved as we keep watch over  car service and tyre exchange
  • - fixed price  with no hidden costs for the whole  duration of the car hire contract will let you plan your firm’s expenses better

Do you have any specific requirements as for the make, model as well as  the equipment and accessories of the car? We will get it for you!

For more long- term hire information contact us on +48570 444 034 or via e-mail: info@eco2drive.pl